The following are some of our frequently asked questions:

Does it contain nuts?

None of our products contain nuts but are prepared in an environment that handles nuts

Is it gluten free?

Yes all our products are gluten free.

Is it Sugar Free?

Yes, it is sugar free.

Is it lactose free?

Yes all our products are lactose free

How long can I keep it frozen?

Ideally 1-3 months from date of purchase

How long can I have it in the refrigerator?

2 days for the vegetables and 24 hours for the food with protein.

Can I thaw and refreeze?

No. Babies have sensitive stomach, once thawed. Do not refreeze.

Can I request for a different flavour not on your product list?

Yes. As long as we can locally source for the ingredients. We will make it for you.

Have any other question for us?

we would love to hear from you