Gina is a mother of 2, she is also a trained Chef from the prestigious Leiths School of Food and wine, London, where she bagged an Essential Cookery certificate and a Food Health and Safety certificate. After she had her first son, she realized that most of the baby food on the shelf were packed with preservatives, some were even produced before her baby was born. She knew she didn’t want to feed her son any of those meals. Her love for cooking inspired her to start cooking for her children and turning it into a business. She believes that her children along with their generation should have the opportunity to eat healthy and delicious food.

She likes to be called a ‘Food developer’ because she spends her time in the kitchen experimenting new flavours with NoaNoa.


Chief Taster:

Nadine is the chief taster and has been trying out different varieties of NoaNoa foods since she was 5 months old. Her favorite is the sweet potato puree.